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Social Media Utilized to Bring Gospel to Mongolia in times of Pandemic

Social Media Utilized to Bring Gospel to Mongolia in times of Pandemic

The gospel continues to spread even in the situation of unprecedented crisis due to COVID-19 in many spheres of life. AM Mongolia has shared the news of recent outreach steadily carried out by online tools. The staff at the center focus extensively on enlarging online platforms and programs to provide nourishing messages from the bible.

Their major platforms are Facebook and Instagram where AM leaders hold live broadcast bible studies and prayer meetings for those who are locked in their own homes. The book clubs and discussion forums have been converted to be held on online groups or live meetings.

People come in and participate by accepting invitations or being led by their acquaintances or friends. The times of people facing questions on life and death draws the younger generation to seek the words more earnestly.

“We hold various book clubs that give people a chance to ponder on meaningful topics that they can find answers from the Bible. Those who join book clubs also tend to choose subsequent bible studies to go more deeply to know the truth,” said Tsedevsuren, AM leader in Mongolia.

AM Mongolia also provides diverse other programs to bring people to Christ through various means. When the country is most hungry to see God, the ministry endeavors to lay the larger net on the vast world of the internet.

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