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Summer Hacks: Ideas for Engaging Students During Finals & Exam Week

Finals season is approaching in many U.S. and Canada schools. This is a period of examinations and students become very tense and busy. Many regular students may be tempted to decrease their Bible study time and focus on school. However, finals week can be a great opportunity to engage students in a new way and comfort them with the truth of the Word.

Students are very stressed during this period. They often wonder the reason for their toiling in the world. It is a good chance to share the Word of God and let them know the greater purpose that God has prepared for their lives.

The AM HQ suggests some small event/fellowship ideas that help to keep students engaged in the Word even as the school work becomes busy.

How can I gather students during finals week?


A STUDY SESSION is a time that is open for students to focus and study their school work. Ministers can gather several students for 3 hours and give them the time to study. However, the session can begin with a short Bible message.

Everyone can take a break after 1 hour to sing 2 songs. And at the end of the study session, they can have a time of prayer for 10 minutes.

Students will learn to walk with God even when they are studying. They can receive hope and encouragement that God is always with them and they should not abandon God even with their school work becomes busy. The goal is that they will set up the determination to prioritize God over anything else in their lives.


An INTERCESSORY PRAYER MEETING is an opportunity to let students pray and freely open their heart about any difficulties they are facing. Many students are stressed and long to have an opportunity to talk to people and especially to communicate with God.

Ministers can invite students to sit in a circle. After a short Bible study message, students can first pray individually for 5 minutes.

Afterwards, students can make “hand prayers.” Each person can get a piece of paper and draw their hand on the paper. On each finger, they can write-

*something to praise God for

*something to thank God for

*something for which they would like to ask God’s help

*something for which they would like to ask God’s direction

*something they would like to say sorry

Students can get into groups of 2-3 students and share their prayers and then take turns to pray for each other in groups. The “hand prayers” can be gathered to make a prayer tree or prayer wall.


As the warm weather approaches, campus fellowships are encouraged to consider a new setting for Bible studies or weekly fellowships. Outdoor fellowships or picnics are fun ways to hold a Bible study and a simple activity afterward. Stressed students will be able to enjoy nature for a short time and listen to the message.

Ministers can gather students on the grass near the school. They can sing praise and then teach the message for 15 minutes. Students can play the M&M game. This is a game where you answer simple questions according to the color of M&M you picked up. This gives students a chance to talk and share grace without thinking too much about school.

Please pray for the development of campus fellowship as the school year draws to a close. It is an important time to focus on raising leaders to prepare for the later months of the year.

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