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‘Teacher Training’ to Launch for Campus Mission Training

The Apostolos Missions International HQ will begin its “Teacher Training” seminars next week with the first lectures called “Introduction to Evangelism” and “Introduction to Bible Study.” Since AM is preparing to launch on-site mission, the seminars will offer basic training for campus evangelism.

The seminars are most appropriate for committed members who have a desire to lead AM Bible studies and programs on campus. The students will have a general outlook on the principles of the Word and its importance as a listener and also as a teacher.

One of most important points of the seminar will be regarding the teaching of salvation through Romans. The reason we teach is to save. This is the ultimate goal. And the best way to teach about salvation is to study Romans because it talks about this in the most vivid and clear way. The seminar will discuss that the best way to discuss salvation is to talk about sin. We need to know about the disease in order to receive the cure. All the truth of God has been revealed, but there is a deep spiritual ignorance. Teaching about sin and salvation opens our eyes to the truth of God’s love.

Students who teach about salvation should have a clear understanding about this subject. The seminar attendees will be challenged with a question- how are we saved? The answer is very simple, we are saved by grace as it says in Ephesians 2:8-9. It is not the work of meditation or self-discipline, but we are saved by the grace of God. And we receive this grace through the truth. The Word of God fills us up and awakes our spirit. Finally, the day comes when our spirit responds. God has been loving and serving us for all this time and our spirit finally awakens to respond to God’s love and we confess with our mouths. This is the point that every student should reach. It is the point where we completely change and recognize that our spirit has received this grace and is transformed.

Evangelism and teaching is the greatest way to show love to our peers. We should change their spiritual ignorance and fill them with the truth. A life following the Word is a life that is blessed.

Please pray for the AM students to grow as great mission leaders and proclaimers of the Word.

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