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The Gospel Spreads in Chile

Amidst the confusion and fear that the COVID-19 Coronavirus has ushered into the world, God’s grace is still being poured out all over the world as the Gospel is being preached. 

The AM Campus chapter leader(Eliu) from Chile shared the news of evangelism as he proclaimed the name of Jesus to the youth. And as the people were intrigued when Paul spoke of Jesus, youths listened carefully to him speak about Jesus. One young lady, in particular, wanted to hear more, so she took literal steps of faith and joined Sunday Service On March 15, 2020, at his local church in Chile.

Young college students like herself have been feeling the heaviness of secularism, and the emptiness it leaves them feeling have been painful reminders of their need for God. When people their age go out as faithful witnesses to the change that Jesus has brought them, they feel more open to sharing their own struggles and situations 

“When they have a willing heart to listen to the word, even in a brief encounter, only God knows what is possible,” shared an AM evangelist. “And when they follow the still small voice of God’s spirit, they end up coming into something more amazing than their wildest dreams.”

While Coronavirus is still a danger, the Chilean government has announced a series of preventive measures. This is on everyone’s mind, but as believers, we want to take every precious opportunity to pass the truth out so it can spread and change the world. 

Kindly pray for AM in Chile, as well as all those who earnestly seek to share the gospel. May God bring a great youth revival through AM Chile where more young people will come to church to learn from God, from his word and also so that they can serve the kingdom of God. 

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