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“The Righteous Will Live by Faith”, AM Atlanta Romans Series Resumes

AM Atlanta resumed weekly Romans Series after the 40-Day Lent Devotional ended. The series covered the theme of Sin based on Chapters from 1 until 3. The beginning part of the Book of Romans covers dark aspects of human sins and sharp insights of the roots of corrupt reality. 

The speaker stressed that establishing the spiritual situation that we face is vital for anyone who seeks to truly know God. Without the truth of our sin firmly rooted, our relationship with God will be one of ignorance and we will live hypercritical lives. The darkness in the chapters is truth that opens our eyes to the need of salvation.

The reflecting on the message,  AM Atlanta registered member, Vanessa Pinkney, shared,

“God doesn’t show favoritism. Those who seek glory and honor will get eternal life but those who are self-seeking and only follow evil will receive wrath and anger. Simply hearing the word isn’t what makes you righteous, rather it’s obeying the word that pleases God. I realize that I need to try harder to have an open heart and follow the path of Christ without giving into sin. I truly need to practice what he preaches, so that I can enter into his kingdom.”

AM Atlanta is drawing more people in the pandemic situation for their regular bible studies. The profound and insightful voice of the apostle may raise many to the wisdom of God, the knowledge to give us eternal life.

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