Apostolos Missions International

Theme Guide

Table of Contents

01 Page Structure - Elementor Page vs Non-Elementor Page
02 What is the 'Single Page Template'
03 Quick Look at Header and Footer
04 Edit Homepate- Navigator
05 Edit Homepage- Slides
06 Edit Homepage- Explore, Grow, Connect
07 Edit Homepage- Videos
08 Edit Homepage- Events
08.5 Filter for Event post, Add featured image and execerpt to post
09 Edit Homepage- AM Today
10 Edit Homepage- AM Academy
11 Edit homepage- Stay Informed, Find A Chapter
12 Creating Elementor Page with Sample Page Template
13 Back to WordPress Editor, Edit with Elementor
14 Revision History- View History of Changes
15 Responsive Mode
16 Archive templates (AM Connect, News, Resources)
17 Adding a New Category, Update Archive template, Menu
18 Contact forms
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