Apostolos Missions International

UCSD Begins School Registration Process

Apostolos Missions at UCSD is in the process of registering AM to the school. One of their chief goals has been to receive the school charter so that they can operate at the school more officially.

The AM registration is going forward with one evangelized student. They need the students to lead the communication with the school. This will open the door to many more opportunities in reaching students. They wish to set up 12 regular Bible study students and 3 leaders among them to guide programs and grow closer to the larger community.

The local chapter is praying to welcome more students and arrange them well so that they can grow properly. The team has been considering various evangelism strategies in order to welcome more people. They wish to target American students and raise leaders to develop mission in San Diego. Another prayer topic is to have more drivers from Riverside to stably take the AM volunteers to San Diego every week. They also wish to have stable finances to support the programs and mission development.

Please pray for AM at UCSD and for the charter to be approved as soon as possible.

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