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“Who AM I”, Instagram Bible Series Begins

“Who AM I”, Bible Study series on Instagram, started on April 15th, 2020. It is a weekly short-form video series that detail the identity of a person of God.

Finding one’s identity that was formulated by God is a touchstone of everyone’s life and a significant step to bring God’s Kingdom. The series will continue each with about 10 to 15 minute long messages. The contents will be placed on AM website as well as live-streamed through Instagram as a method of evangelism.

“The title is a play on words with our ministry, AM, but this series is much more” shared Pastor Michael. “It is like a mini-Bible Study that anyone can easily take at home as the current virus situation made many sheltered in,” said the pastor.

AM Int’l hope that this will encourage many people to stand firm in Christ, and also see the vision of AM.

AM International has been extending their online platform with an aim to embrace the urgent spiritual need caused by COVID-19. The prayer is to provide nourishing contents for souls thirsty for truth and life.

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