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Zambia Community Service Opens Door to Evangelism at University Medical Center

AM members carried out community service at the medical center at the University of UNZA.

“Flexibility and diversity is what we should have if we desire to reach out to every part of the University and evangelize as many students as we can”, one member stated in a recent meeting held with the members.

Today, however much the students had tests, the leaders and members managed to go to the Medical Center and carried out a community work at the place. The team cleaned the surrounding, removing and disposing of waste from the center and later shared with people at the center.

The management of the Clinic was very pleased with the program and promised to open doors to AM members to go to the medical center in an arrangement through the personnel in charge and share the word as well as pray with patients. The team plans to carry out the activity once in a month.

“Through this program, we can share the love of God with students and invite them to BBS and fellowship”, brother Justine shared. “We people hear the word of God their hopes are restored so it should be in your program to carry out this kind of activity. Mist especially to your fellow students, it can change their thinking about God”, brother Henry shared.

During the cleaning, members continually shared the word of God and they were all very happy that God gave such a precious opportunity to them and they promised to do more

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