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Zhongping: ‘Jesus Has Conquered All To Love Us…’

AM united with Boston Immanuel Church to host a Lenten retreat at Harvard University. Students from Harvard, MIT, and other local universities attended and received great grace through the messages and fellowship time.

Attendants were testified about deep messages and great biblical vision of AM. Three attendees shared their experience during the retreat and preparing for it. Here’s Zhongping’s story.

Zhongping Zhang

“The journey to break down the old self in us is not easy. It can never be achieved by ourselves. I believe that Jesus is with me and helps me. ‘;Where I am, my servant will also be’ everyday will be a new day. Every day we will encounter some circumstances, when our own desire is against with God’s but our own is so strong. I wish that I can die from these circumstances by asking helping from him and trusting him. I believe this is not in vain. With the dying of a kernel of wheat, there are more kernels of wheat that are breaking the ground. The kingdom of God will spread.

“On this journey we may fall but we shall not be afraid. For even though we have weaknesses, Jesus has conquered all the circumstances to love us. We just learn to rely on him on this journey.”

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