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AM Mexico Leader Abided in God and Shares Testimony of His Grace

Entering into the new year, she is holding onto the word “abiding” because it was in the difficult moments that remaining close to God allowed her to experience deep grace that she hopes to share with many others.

“A recurring message that God showed me this year was to Abide in Him. It’s been 7 years since I accepted Jesus into my life and the only thing that has sustained me for so long on his path is learning to remain in him, whatever comes, simply if I remain in him I can continue and share his grace in me lifetime. 

Teaching others the word has made it possible for me to learn from it, listening to the reflections of my students is something that fills me with great grace, whenever I finish a study I feel grateful because I also receive a teaching from God through them.  I feel that God showed me more his heart and longing for us to take care of his sheep. And how to work better for his kingdom, knowing other missionaries and their testimonies God opened a new perspective on how to establish his kingdom in this world. 

The biggest change continues to be having to learn to deal with an illness. Many areas of my life depend on how I am physically and mentally. Battling with my health makes it more difficult for me to fully focus on the mission, but I feel God has used these situations. to get closer and hold on to him more. And thus be able to share the grace of God’s work in my life in those difficult moments. 

What I most hope for this 2023 is to be able to have more passion in my heart to share his word, bear abundant fruit, be able to establish committed members in Mexico and the countries of Central America, add members to the AM Mexico staff and thus strengthen the mission,” reflected Miriam.

Please pray the Miriam to remain in God as he in her, so that in the new year she can witness his power even more abundantly and that can become a testimony to those God will provide to her to shepherd and raise. May AM Mexico bear many fruits in 2023 through her perseverance and endurance.

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