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AM Bible Students Across South America and USA Share Touching Reflections

Joyful students from South America and the United States (US) continue to deep into AM’s (Apostolos Missions) Romans text and Bible Core text. The students all expressed their desire to draw closer to God and deepen their relationships with him. AM staff are gaining strength as they see how many students across the world are desperately seeking for the word of God.

Sister Ka’Vonna, sister Marley, brother Calvin, and brother Victor are all students from University of South Carolina in the US. After the bible study, they expressed gratitude towards God’s immense love for them despite what they have done.

“The message tells the story of a son that decided to separate himself from his father, but once he came across many difficulties, he decided to go back to his father, and his father welcomed him with open arms and made a feast for him. This message makes me feel at peace, knowing that even when I have gone through many difficulties myself and separated myself from God during tough times, I can now come back to Him and be welcomed. I believe my next steps are to get closer to God and keep on reconnecting with Him,” shared Brother Victor.

South America sisters Eliane (Peru), Jade (Peru), Laura (Colombia), and newly registered member Camila (Bolivia), also expressed how touching it is to know that God’s arms are wide open waiting for us to come back to him even though we have sinned against him. The South America group continues to meet 3-days a week as well as attend AM group studies and have been growing well.

“I think that this message was very touching. It feels good to know that when I was lost, God was waiting for me to come back to him. I know that God has a big purpose for me in this earth, so I want to serve and follow him for all my life. I am going to talk more about God with everyone. I am going to talk about the good news because as I receive salvation through Jesus, I want other people to receive salvation through him too. And also a hope. I want everybody to know that God is with all of us and that God is bigger than our problems,” shared Camila.

Lastly, Brandon from Clark Atlanta University in US showed interest in AM bible studies through an AM member and one day reached out to schedule a time to meet for bible study.

“A great message what I took from this lesson was keeping Jesus in the center. Also what I got from this was the understanding of staying within his words when he asks for you to do a task. The message just reminds me to stay true to his word, and to build a lasting relationship constantly with Jesus. I feel led to be consistent in my daily prayers and devotions,” shared Brandon.

Please continue to pray for the spiritual growth of the students and that they can grow well in the word of God to each be used powerfully for serving his kingdom!

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