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AM Columbia Perseveres In Evangelism Towards Easter Goals


Apostolos Missions at Columbia University is continually sowing the seed in the month of February to fulfill the goals set for Easter. Evangelism is the main priority for the campus to bear fruit. Read More

"Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ."
- Eph 4:13 -


English Chapter Flyer - Matthew 28

Download an English chapter flyer for AM evangelism on local university campuses. ... ... ... ... ... ...

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Large Group Studies- 'Walk With Jesus' Lent Series

There are two holidays that Christians consider very preciously. Those two holidays are Christmas and Easter and they take us through the physical life of Jesus from His birth until His death and ...

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Volunteer Missions & Ministry Application

Short-term volunteer opportunities available for Christian/curious students interested in missions and ministry exposure right in their city. Support a Kingdom-driven cause and learn to live as a true ...

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Upcoming Events


'Follow Me' Retreat at New York University

Join the 2016 Lenten Mini-Retreat on February 20. The tentative theme is "Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Me."


'Follow Me' Retreat at Harvard University

AM will host a retreat at Harvard University on February 27 called "Pick Up Your Cross & Follow Me."


One-Day Easter Event

Join us for a local Easter event before our annual Easter retreat on the following weekend.


Pentecost Weekend Two-Day Retreat

Join us for a local Pentecost weekend event. Location TBA.