Apostolos Missions International

Jeffina From India

As a teen, I went through so many personal struggles and Jesus is the only one who helped me through it all. AM’s Bible studies

Walter from Uganda

It’s my daily prayer and desire to grow to maturity to be able to help each and every young person that God connects me to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ bearing much more fruits than I will ever be able to.

Testimony from Michael Ford

College is a precious time where students can choose their path. I wasted my college years on worldly things and was hurt enormously. When I started doing campus ministry, I realized students needed someone to guide them from the pain of wasting their best years on meaningless things. I’m glad God is using me to be that ‘someone’ to young people around the world.

Harvard Leader Shares Precious Dream for New Year in Campus Mission

I see a bright future and a concrete plan of God that he is showing me about the mission at Harvard, and I pray that during next semester I will be ready to take in many students and deliver them the truth so that AM grows in number and strength as a God-centered group on campus.

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